Saturday, 18 October 2014

SBJ Blogger Tag: Would You Rather?

Today, I am going to be doing my first ever beauty tag that has been set by Beauty Crowd.
These are the questions set by Beauty Crowd on their blog here.

1. Would you rather be able to apply eyeliner perfectly or be able to contour like Kim Kardashian?
In all honesty, I rarely use eyeliner or contour, but if I could, i would definitely want to be able to do the perfect eyeliner.
2. Would you rather wear foundation which is two shades lighter or two shades darker?
I would rather wear foundation that is 2 shades lighter as there are many more options to perk up your feature's with blush and bronzer :D
3. Would you rather wear no lipstick ever again or no eyeliner ever again?
This 1 is easy for me as I'm a self confessed lipstick addict, always will choose lipsticks. 
4. Would you rather give up your foundation or your mascara?
I would rather give up my foundation as I have quite small eyes, the mascara helps to open them up and I think I have quite good skin :D
5. Would you rather apply your makeup yourself with no mirror whilst on a bumpy car journey or ask a 5 year old child to do it?
My 5 year old little girl has previously done my make up before and its not pretty lol. I think I would rather do my make up while on the bumpy road i can always blend, blend, blend. 
6. Would you rather wear exactly the same makeup every single day for the rest of your life or drastically change your makeup every single day for the rest of your life (even if it doesn’t suit you!)?
I think for this 1 I would rather wear the same make up everyday for the rest of my life as it could be difficult for me to do drastic make up as it just scares me lol.
7. Would rather have dodgy brows or have patchy fake tan?
This is also another easy 1 for me as I just don't do self tan, its not my thing and I already have dodgy eyebrows, so win win for me hehehe.
8. Would you rather have perfectly white teeth or have your perfect hairstyle?
I would rather have perfect white teeth as your teeth are extremely important. 
9. Would you rather wear the same colour nail varnish for the rest of your life or be able to change the colours of your varnish whenever you like but it’s always a little bit smudged?
Oh I would rather change my nail polish everyday and it be smudged as that is usually how they look anyway. I am terrible at doing my nails 
10. Would you rather have lots of scented body and perfume products that smell amazing to you but to everyone else you smell like pine tree car air freshener or have products that smell average to you but smell incredible to those around you?
 I would rather have scented products that smell average to me and smell incredible to others. Smelling nice is a good thing ;)

I tag the following blogs to do this tag:
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That is it for now ladies, so please don't do anything that I wouldn't do and have fun.