Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Meeting up!

 Hiya everyone, sorry I haven't been around for a while but sadly my laptop has given up the ghost and finally died. So I am literally trying to learn how to use the new laptop and it's a little annoying as it is completely different to how the last one worked, but hey ho let's crack on shall we?

I had a little meet up in Liverpool with one of the gorgeous Secret Beauty Junkies girlies, Aimee Alicia. Aimee stayed at my house for a few days and we did some serious damage to our bank balances. I must admit that we got some amazing bargains too and I hope you enjoy what you see. We visited a good few of the shops and I will show you what I bought, and let you in on the bargains hehehe. We visited a couple of charity shops too.

First off we visited a couple of charity shops and got some lovely things including four pillows for 50p each. The two Superdrug Vitamin E gift sets were literally £1 each, the Avon mask was 50p, and the Chilli Pepper gift set was £1.50.

All of the items in the photograph below were from Home Bargains: the Nivea gift sets were £1.99 each; the nail polish remover was 69p; the BB cream was £1.99; the cucumber eye patches were 79p; and the mints were also 79p.


 All of the above were from either a Pound shop or a 99p shop.
Below is my MUA haul - waterproof mascara which was £1 and the lip stain was £2. Frankly the lip stain is fantastic, if not better than the higher end items. Highly recommended.

 These are what I bought for my daughter from Primark or as some people like to call it "Primarni" just to make it sound a little more posh (which I don't understand myself but hey ho that's just me).

And above is what I bought myself from "Primarni" and I adore them. The boots were £5 as was the top but the sizing is a little off on the waist but fits amazing everywhere else. The eyelash curlers £1 and are the best I've ever had and the usual cosmetic pads. I also bought a couple of their leggings for £3 which is a fantastic price; you can't complain about that price!

All in all, everything I bought I absolutely adored and I am looking forward to our next meeting as Aimee is a lovely woman and myself and my husband have decided to adopt her hehehe. My daughter absolutely adored her and would not leave her side. If nothing else comes of my little foray into facebook page owning, and blogging doesn't come to anything, at least I can say I have gained a good few amazing friends and a new beautiful daughter. 

In my next update I will show you all the Christmas present that Aimee bought me - Lanc├┤me, Mac, Urban Decay, OPI, Revlon, Mua, Max Factor. I will tell you this, I am one lucky lady. 

Until the next time, be safe and be happy,
Wendy xxx