Saturday, 29 June 2013

Secret Beauty Junkies Admin swap with Wendy

My swap box from Wendy

I got my box from the gorgeous lady Wendy.
This was a swap .

I sent Wendy a voucher a couple of months ago to cheer her up . She said she would send me a box, I thought I was receiving an eyeshadow palette but instead this arrived.

As you can see there are so many lovely things . I was so excited .

In the scent section we have 

The Scentini smells fab and I love how the perfume separates in the bottles making it look fun , Far away is a classic and I have always been a fan .

Next up we have body creams and wash

Oh wow , body shop body butters are amazing and the strawberry delight actually smells like Angel delight mmm yummy .

Because Wendy knows I love nail polishes here's what she sent me .

Fabulous , Wendy knew how much I needed a yellow and I have already put the Wet and wild fast dry on my nails because the hubby fell in love with the colour.

Next we have the eyeliners, mascaras , eye bling.

Ok you got me, I could not resist putting the lashes that came with this set straight on wow I love the Ruby and Millie eye collection set . The No7 gold eyeliner is amazing and that mascara is fabulous for my none existing lashes.

So remember when Ii said Wendy was sending me  a couple of palettes well lets just say she spoilt me.

Look at those ELF and MUA palettes woo hoo , plenty of colour to play with now .

I absolutely love the Avon palettes , gorgeous colours , in the perfect shades. 
Can anyone spot the MAC ,  woo hoo my first MAC product, thank you Wendy.

For the face products I received this amazing lot.

Oh wow , No7 BB , its amazing thank you, and arghhh more MAC, I have already used the MAC blush and the elf enhancer pen and I love them both .

So as you can see , I got more than I thought, considering I was only meant to be getting a palette or two I have been spoilt , an amazing lady with a heart of gold . Thank you so much Wendy , I am going to have so much fun with these beauties you cheeky minx .

DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. The products for my personal use unless stated otherwise and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion 

Monday, 17 June 2013

Avon Pro wear nail polish in Mandarin Magic

Hello you gorgeous ladies, I hope you are all well?
I have had a crazy week with try to train our hyper Ruby and keep my 4 year old entertained at the same time lol. That is some serious fun lol
Anyway, back to the gorgeous Avon mandarin nail polish. It is on offer are the moment for £3 and you can buy it from Avon here.
I must admit, it is a beautiful shade and i want to lick it. Sad? Maybe but I dont really care, it is very yummy. Its a beautiful orange shade and has small glittery pieces in it but it just adds that little bit of extra va va voom.

sorry about the dodginess of the nails and application xx
I have had it on for the past 2 days and nights and has only just started to chip but i think that might have something to do with the Nails inc caviar top coat i have on top more than the nail polish. I do love this polish, it is a dream to apply, is opaque and dries extremely quickly. Which is fantastic for me as I actually hate doing my nails because it takes so long to dry.
Would I buy this again? Maybe not but it doesnt stop it being a lovely polish. Would i recommend it to friends & family? Not really only because it has only lasted 2 days and I want my polishes to last more than 2 days.
I hope you enjoyed this review and I will see you in the next post

Secret Beauty FREEBIE Challenge

Here in Secret Beauty Junkie land, we all love a freebie! But how much can you really get for free these days? Are you the freebie queen? Are you SURE? Let the challenge begin!

You will be allocated a mystery person to send to. You then have from 1 May until 31st May to collect as much as possible for them without spending a penny. Everything you send must be brand new, but you don’t need to stick just to beauty products – be inventive! Posting date for parcels is 1st – 10th June. All parcels to have arrived by 15th June and be photographed by their recipients by 20th June. We will then vote on who really IS the Freebie Queen and got the best haul for their junkie! We will also vote on the most inspirational freebie and the cheekiest freebie!

We are expecting that some people will be able to blag a lot more than others! Unfortunately, this is the game so if you are worried about this, don’t post off things you want to keep for yourself, free or not! However, let’s see just how big a haul we can manage!

This is a spending BAN! The idea is to work to a £0 budget. Your parcel of goodies should have not cost you a penny to produce!


-          * You are allowed to pay for postage if you need to

-          * Brand new swap items (yes we know you sent something in return but you didn’t PAY)

-          *  Gift with Purchase (but ONLY for things you were going to buy anyway)

-          * Samples

-          * Prizes

-          * PR samples sent to review

-          * Unwanted presents

-          * Blagged items (if you are brave enough to ask then why not?!)
-          * Making, baking, and upcycling
-          * Spending shop ‘loyalty’ points
-          * Freebies you get from work (if you are lucky enough to!)
-          * The cheapest out of a 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 type offer 
(             (but ONLY if the others were items you needed already – no buying to get freebies!)


-          * Beauty Box items – they aren’t free you paid for them! (‘bonus’ items ok though)

-          * Shoplifting or any other kind of stealing (obviously!!!)

-          * Bin raiding (for obvious reasons!)
-          * Fraud (no lying to people or companies thank you)
-          * Things you already had and don’t want
-          * Anything already used
-          * Buying anything especially to make, bake, or upcycle with
-          * Buying things just to get freebie offers/ points



-          * Hit Twitter and Facebook and get entering those competitions!

-          * Sign up with Sample Sites!
-          * Check out your local Freecycle... well, you never know!
-          * Put out a request on your blog!
-          * Get creative! If you get to the end of May with no luck, what about baking?
-          * Get out and about in nature and find rocks and feathers etc
-          * Buyapowa!
-          * Shopcade! 
-          * Collect tokens on cereal packets

-          * How about the 50% free in your Poundland Wagon Wheels packet?

-                * You can even try for posting for free by using the work franking machine or by doing online surveys to earn Paypal money you can exchange for courier collection :D

     This is now coming to an end and i will do a follow up post with pictures of the freebie boxes, the winners and what the winners have won :D