Monday, 17 June 2013

Avon Pro wear nail polish in Mandarin Magic

Hello you gorgeous ladies, I hope you are all well?
I have had a crazy week with try to train our hyper Ruby and keep my 4 year old entertained at the same time lol. That is some serious fun lol
Anyway, back to the gorgeous Avon mandarin nail polish. It is on offer are the moment for £3 and you can buy it from Avon here.
I must admit, it is a beautiful shade and i want to lick it. Sad? Maybe but I dont really care, it is very yummy. Its a beautiful orange shade and has small glittery pieces in it but it just adds that little bit of extra va va voom.

sorry about the dodginess of the nails and application xx
I have had it on for the past 2 days and nights and has only just started to chip but i think that might have something to do with the Nails inc caviar top coat i have on top more than the nail polish. I do love this polish, it is a dream to apply, is opaque and dries extremely quickly. Which is fantastic for me as I actually hate doing my nails because it takes so long to dry.
Would I buy this again? Maybe not but it doesnt stop it being a lovely polish. Would i recommend it to friends & family? Not really only because it has only lasted 2 days and I want my polishes to last more than 2 days.
I hope you enjoyed this review and I will see you in the next post