Monday, 17 June 2013

Secret Beauty FREEBIE Challenge

Here in Secret Beauty Junkie land, we all love a freebie! But how much can you really get for free these days? Are you the freebie queen? Are you SURE? Let the challenge begin!

You will be allocated a mystery person to send to. You then have from 1 May until 31st May to collect as much as possible for them without spending a penny. Everything you send must be brand new, but you don’t need to stick just to beauty products – be inventive! Posting date for parcels is 1st – 10th June. All parcels to have arrived by 15th June and be photographed by their recipients by 20th June. We will then vote on who really IS the Freebie Queen and got the best haul for their junkie! We will also vote on the most inspirational freebie and the cheekiest freebie!

We are expecting that some people will be able to blag a lot more than others! Unfortunately, this is the game so if you are worried about this, don’t post off things you want to keep for yourself, free or not! However, let’s see just how big a haul we can manage!

This is a spending BAN! The idea is to work to a £0 budget. Your parcel of goodies should have not cost you a penny to produce!


-          * You are allowed to pay for postage if you need to

-          * Brand new swap items (yes we know you sent something in return but you didn’t PAY)

-          *  Gift with Purchase (but ONLY for things you were going to buy anyway)

-          * Samples

-          * Prizes

-          * PR samples sent to review

-          * Unwanted presents

-          * Blagged items (if you are brave enough to ask then why not?!)
-          * Making, baking, and upcycling
-          * Spending shop ‘loyalty’ points
-          * Freebies you get from work (if you are lucky enough to!)
-          * The cheapest out of a 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 type offer 
(             (but ONLY if the others were items you needed already – no buying to get freebies!)


-          * Beauty Box items – they aren’t free you paid for them! (‘bonus’ items ok though)

-          * Shoplifting or any other kind of stealing (obviously!!!)

-          * Bin raiding (for obvious reasons!)
-          * Fraud (no lying to people or companies thank you)
-          * Things you already had and don’t want
-          * Anything already used
-          * Buying anything especially to make, bake, or upcycle with
-          * Buying things just to get freebie offers/ points



-          * Hit Twitter and Facebook and get entering those competitions!

-          * Sign up with Sample Sites!
-          * Check out your local Freecycle... well, you never know!
-          * Put out a request on your blog!
-          * Get creative! If you get to the end of May with no luck, what about baking?
-          * Get out and about in nature and find rocks and feathers etc
-          * Buyapowa!
-          * Shopcade! 
-          * Collect tokens on cereal packets

-          * How about the 50% free in your Poundland Wagon Wheels packet?

-                * You can even try for posting for free by using the work franking machine or by doing online surveys to earn Paypal money you can exchange for courier collection :D

     This is now coming to an end and i will do a follow up post with pictures of the freebie boxes, the winners and what the winners have won :D