Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Celebration of life

mum on holiday in Blackpool
I wanted to use this post as a celebration of my mum's life. My mum sadly past away on the 24th November 2012 and was 67.
mum and Bethany her granddaughter
Before she passed away my mum wished to be cremated and for her ashes to be scattered in New Brighton as it was one of her favourite places, one she remembered from childhood and where she brought us as children. I bring my daughter here as often as I can and it is a wonderful place for creating happy memories.

When we found out that she had passed and and were sorting out arrangements for her funeral, as a family we decided that it would be apt for her ashes to be scattered on her birthday 5th January when she would have been 68.

Mum would take us camping to Towyn in North Wales every year when we were children. We still go camping as adults all thanks to mum's love of the outdoors. A memory I hold dear is when my younger brother Geoff went missing and we were all looking for him for a good few hours. The daft begger was in the caravan next door having a full English hehehe. (Maybe not as daft as he sounds). My mum also took us Morris dancing and because of this we got to travel all over the country and meet a wide variety of people, sane, insane and just plain loopy and yes one of them was my mum, she was very, very quirky.
me and mum in Blackpool 2011

Mums dog Charlie who has lived with me for nearly 5 years from the last time she had a stroke
I did have a love hate relationship with my mum and we fell out constantly but we always knew that if we needed each other we would be there for one another.

New Brighton beach
It has been raining all week heavily and today 5th January 2013, the sun was out and cracking the flags. How very apt; and my mum would have been made up. It went well and mum got her wish to be in New Brighton but please tread carefully on the beach and the surrounding areas because you could be taking a little piece of my mum with you where ever you go.
The lighthouse on the beach
As expected, the day was very emotional but my mum got to see all of her children together for the first time in over 10 years (even if she was just there in spirit).
Also there were three of her grand children and her sister who is amazing herself :)

Where we scattered mums ashes in the sea.
It was a personal day but I wanted to show that each of the ladies on our blog are completely different and yet we have found each other through the love of all things beauty and bargainous. I hope that you are all as lucky as myself to call these ladies friends.  Until the next time, be safe and have fun.
Wendy xxx