Monday, 1 April 2013

March Empties

Hello ladies, I hope you are all well and have had an amazing Easter? Easter has been lovely spending it with my family, Bethany did get an awful lot of chocolate and i felt obliged to help her out a little with eating the chocolate :)
I'm going to do an empties post for you and i will be brutally honest in my opinions as ever and I hope you enjoy :)

The Arrid extra dry deodorant is OK but I would not buy again as it leaves too much white residue behind.
The Radox deodorant Is rubbish, it doesn't keep you protected for longer than a couple of hours at a time which is not great.
Avon room and linen spray I would definitely buy again (I already have a few spares dotted about my house) as they are just lovely and last such a long time.
Avon anti dandruff shampoo is ok for the price and I would buy again.
So body spray is lovely and I kept it in my bag to refresh myself throughout the day while using the Radox. I would buy again.
Oil of Olay anti ageing toner is dreadful, it dried out my skin so much that i felt as though i looked like a dried up prune. It stung my face so much that it took over an hour for the redness to subside. I would not buy again.
Garnier Fructis conditioner is just OK, it wasn't amazing and it wasn't rubbish. I just wouldn't buy it again.
Wilkinson's everyday facial wipes are amazing and cost only 30p. I have a drawer full of these bad boys and i buy more whenever im in wilkinsons. nHighly recommend.
The eyeshadow pen doesnt have a brand but it is rubbish and I wouldnt buy again.
The skin doctors eye tuck stung my eyes so i wouldn't recommend for use on your eyes. I do have highly sensitive eyes though so could work for you.
Bodyshops Aloe soothing day cream is lovely. It soothes and hydrates my skin from the second I put it on. I would buy again (in fact I already have). Amazing.
Sparkle shower gel is something i gave to my 4 year old as she loves anything like that.
Next shower gel is for men and my husband says its very nice, which means he would buy it again lol.
Avon hair mask is lovely and I would buy again. x

I hope you have enjoyed looking into my empties basket and has given yu an idea of what to avoid. Anyway, until the next time, have fun and don't do anything that I wouldn't do.