Thursday, 12 September 2013

SBJ Trafford centre meet up part 3 What i bought and Chanel makeovers

Hiya ladies, i hope you are all well?
I am sorry that it has taken so long to get on to parts 2 and 3 of the SBJ meet up but i have been having trouble getting into the blog to write and i think it might actually have something to do with windows 8 that i have on my laptop. I have been able to get on today and I have wrote out a few posts for you and i hope you enjoy them as much as I have of writing them for you.
Lets get on to the important part, the haul and the Chanel makeovers. The Chanel makeovers were absolutely amazing for all of the ladies except mine as it sadly didn't last longer than 20 minutes, I have extremely dry/sensitive skin which just drinks anything and everything that is put on my skin. To make matters worse, I am allergic to either the primer or the eyeshadow as my eyes started to burn, which is extremely sad as the eye make up was the most beautiful part for me. I did like the lipstick but was not a fan of the where they placed the lip liner and you will see what i mean about that in the pictures but enough about me, let me get on with showing you the results and haul.
gorgeous Gemma

Ravishing Michaela

Stunning Ame

and me, i told you about the lipliner hehehe

how expensive my thirsty skin craves

Chanel goodies form Michaela & Gemma

what i bought from Selfrdiges
form h&m

from John Lewis

from Boots

what i bought form Michaela

From Boots

So ladies, that is it for this post and I hope you enjoyed it. Until the next time, dont do anything i wouldn't do.