Monday, 2 September 2013

Secret Beauty Junkie Meet up At Trafford Centre Part 1

Hey there ladies, I'm sorry that it has been a while between posts but I have been having some issue with the settings on the blog but hopefully it is all sorted now. Anyway, back to the important part, how are you all doing? I hope you are doing ok and are having better weather than I am here.
We had a meet up at the Trafford Centre with a few of the ladies of SBJ and a couple of the girlies had never been before, so to say it was a bit of a shock to the system when they finally got to see the gorgeous building, is an understatement.
Myself and Kayla made up a couple of goodie bags for the girlies, Ame, (also known as Thrifty Girl) and Gemma, we also did some swaps of which I will get into in part 2 of the series of Posts as they are all picture heavy. We loved meeting up so much that we have already arranged and even booked the caravan (it works out cheaper for all of us) in Skegness and are turning it into a bit of a holiday.
So, here are the girlies in Trafford centre and the local Asda that we went to for "ahem" supplies and a few cheeky drinks ;)
Gemma, me and Kayla 

Ame and Gemma feeling a little naughty

Ame, me and Kayla

Gemma and Bethany

Me, Ame and Gemma

My birthday gifts from Kayla, am I lucky lady or what

Goodie bag from Kayla xxxx

I must admit that I had so much fun with these ladies and I am proud to say that I have made some amazing friends and I am genuinely happy to say that I cant wait to go and see them again in October.
I guess that is it for the post but part 2 wont be too far behind and I look forward to sharing what I took for swaps, what was available to swap and my swaps with the beautiful ladies. Until next time, don't do anything i wouldn't do.