Thursday, 16 January 2014

Recent Elf Haul

Hello ladies,
I hope you are all well and are not too down with the amazing weather we are currently having. I know how you all feel, it is driving me mad and it is too damn cold grrrrrrr.
Enough about our fantastic weather and onto what I really want to share with you, my recent Elf haul. I must say that I do love Elf for the variety, quality and the price tag too. If you do put an order in with Elf, be aware that they always have offers on and are currently having an up to 70% off sale and have recently added more to it link here. Now onto what I actually bought hehehe.

 I did have a slight issue with the 100 piece marble eyeshadow palette in that it had been opened and swatched, however, the lovely Elf customer services sent out a brand new 1 after seeing pictures of the palette without me having to send the old palette back. The blusher & eyeshadow palette I highly recommend as the pigmentation in the blushers are just fantastic, the eyeshadow pigmentation is just ok but they are still more than ok. The 1 that I am extremely disappointed in is the moisturising lipstick in Rosy-go-round, the pigmentation isn't fantastic and it drags against your lips. For me, it is a no to repurchasing but please don't let that put you off trying their other lipsticks as they are fantastic. I especially love the mineral lipsticks and own a few myself.
Do you own any Elf products? What do you own and what are your favourites?
Until next time, don't do anything I wouldn't do.