Monday, 20 January 2014

Skin care: night time edition part 2

Hello ladies, how are we all doing? It is blooming freezing here but at least the sun is out and boy have I missed that sun. I can feel the springtime coming up fast, I am looking forward to those days out in the Lake District calling my name hehehe.
Anyway, back to the post I am chatting about today, my nighttime skin care routine.As you will already know from part 1, I have extremely dry/sensitive skin with sensitive eyes which causes no end of problems with finding the right skincare. So here is what I am currently using with my thoughts, reviews and marks out of 5 for you.

Night time skincare:
Soap & Glory Peaches & clean: I really really hate the smell of this but love how it leaves my skin so soft after cleaning my face with it. I do have a back up that was sent to me in a swap I did last year but I am unsure whether I would buy this again or not, I hate the smell that much 3/5
Weleda night cream: OH MY GOD do I love this or what? LOVE LOVE LOVE 10/5
Athena facial wipes: these are for those lazy days and I think we all have those done we hehehe. I am not a fan of the scent but they are an ok face wipe and I would repurchase them. 3/5
Kleenex eye make up remover cloths: LOVE these, so soft, the scent isn't unbearable and have repurchased these a number of times 4/5
Bodyshop Aloe toner: (when I am not using this 1 I use either Boots on brand cucumber toner or the Bodyshop cucumber toner) I do like this, it is very gentle on my sensitive skin but hardy enough to remove any last traces of dirt. 4/5
Dr Nick Lowe eye gel:  I don't mind it as a hydrating eye cream but to say it prevents dark circles and helps reduce fine lines is a tad too far so I will only be giving this a 2/5 for the misleading quotes.
Elf lip balm tint: I say to myself that i don't like this product and yet I find myself using this all of the time and currently placed another order with Elf and bought the nude 1 of this, so I get the feeling I actually like it. 4/5
That is it for now ladies. Until the next time please dont do anything I wouldn't do and have fun.