Thursday, 13 February 2014

A cheeky sales haul with a little help from London

 Hiya everyone, 
I hope you are all OK with this ridiculous weather we are having. My thoughts are going out to everyone who is suffering with the floods, I genuinely cant imagine what you must be going through or feeling. I hope that help comes to you soon.
After such a serious chat I am going onto a very self indulgent post for you: a sort of haul. My local Boots and Superdrug are extremely tiny and we don't have a great selection of beauty products and the sale section is virtually non existent.However, 1 of the gorgeous ladies in the SBJ group, Nardine, offered to shop the sales in her local shops as she is in London. This is what she bought and the Urban Decay palette is from her own collection. 

 I paid £30 including postage for this gorgeous lot. How amazing is Nardine? We call her the queen of swaps as she always, always goes above and beyond what is expected from a swap. An absolutely amazing lady. Thank you again Nardine, you really did make my day xxx

Anyway, that is it for this post so I am off to get wet and pick up my little girl from school. Until the next time, don't do anything I wouldn't do.